Lift force in odd compressible fluids

Published in Phys. Rev. E, 2023


We compute the response matrix for a tracer particle in a compressible fluid with odd viscosity living on a two-dimensional surface. Unlike the incompressible case, we find that an odd compressible fluid can produce an odd lift force on a tracer particle. Using a "shell localization" formalism, we provide analytic expressions for the drag and odd lift forces acting on the tracer particle in a steady state and also at finite frequency. Importantly, we find that the existence of an odd lift force in a steady state requires taking into account the non-conservation of the fluid mass density due to the coupling between the two-dimensional surface and the three-dimensional bulk fluid.

Recommended citation: "Lift force in odd compressible fluids", R. Lier, C. Duclut, S. Bo, J. Armas, F. Jülicher, P. Surówka, Phys. Rev. E 108, L023101 (2023).

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